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Elham’s Vision, purpose and goals


Learning environments in Palestine are supportive of the well being of children and youth.

Elham is a partnership initiative that seeks to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social well being of Palestinian children through enhancing the quality of their learning environment. This will enable them to better realize their potential and grow up as enlightened healthy human beings and engaged citizens, capable of making sound choices, living and navigating in an increasingly challenging world and contributing to building their homeland.




 In particular, Elham Palestine seeks to fulfill the following goals:

- Teachers and other members of the school community across the nation are empowered and motivated to undertake more initiatives that nurture the well being of their students.

Students are encouraged to assume more responsibility and take more initiative towards their school community and their larger society as engaged young citizens.

- A culture of hope, initiative and entrepreneurship, based on a deep trust in the capacity of each Palestinian individual to make a positive difference in his/her life and the life the community is cultivated and promoted.

- Promote the holistic development of children as a key common goal of the education and health systems and help articulate and make explicit the pedagogical responsibility of ICT and media both in transforming the formal education system and as learning environments on their own right.

- Highlight the vital role that media can play in shaping healthy mindsets and behavior patterns and hence its immense responsibility in promoting the well being of youngsters, and utilize the power of media in disseminating and promoting Elham culture.

- Design and Root Elham Palestine as an organic, endogenous, credible, sustainable, and responsive change agent in the target learning environments.

- Inspire the business community to invest in Elham initiatives, sustainability, scaling and adaptive replications.

- Promote mutual learning and exchange between Elham nominees in different countries.




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