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Steering committee launches the sixth cycle of Elham’s Palestine

 The Steering Committee for Elham’s Palestine launched on Wednesday the sixth cycle of Elham Palestine initiatives for the academic school year 2015/2016. Dr. Basri Saleh, the Chairman of the Steering Committee and Deputy Minister for Planning and Development at the Ministry of education and Higher Education announced the launch session through an official letter addressed to the departments  of Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE),ministry of health(MoH) ,and UNRWA which stated that the steering committee of elham’s Palestine launches the nomination stage for the 6th cycle and announces the opening  of the nomination requests starting from Wednesday 30/09/2015 through the website www.elham.ps
, and until 01/12/2015

 The Minister of Education and Higher Education and the President of Elham Palestine Council partners, Dr. Sabri Saydam  directed a message to the school community of all groups inviting them to participate strongly at the sixth cycle, where he said that "Elham Palestine" aims to develop both the learning and educational environments for the children of Palestine inside and outside the school, as it seeks to find a convenient environment for them to grow up normally, through a methodology based on stimulating  the educational initiatives. “Elham Palestine" also aims to make these initiatives and models a resource for learning, and a source of inspiration on the local and global levels".

As stated in Elham’s Procedural Manual, the nomination conditions in this cycle are:
1. the Applicant should belong to one of the eligible nomination categories, teachers, educational counselors, principals, students, health coordinators in MOH and MOEH, and the school’s teams, which include different categories, who work together on the same initiative
2.The nomination only applies for their outstanding initiatives that have been implemented since the beginning of the academic year  2013/2014, initiatives will not be accepted before that date.
3.The initiative should be implemented for at least a full semester.
4.Self-nomination and exclusion of nominating others.
5. Candidates are allowed to apply for only one initiative. It is possible that more than one initiative could be applied from the same school, provided the candidates are different.
6.Candidates should be still in their position, practicing their profession at the time of nomination
7. Initiatives should be in harmony with one or two of Elham’s themes at most, and initiatives that are not in harmony with Elham’s themes are not to be considered.

It is important to note that there are three stages for the evaluation process, which are the Initial Evaluation Stage, the Local Evaluation Stage, and the Final Evaluation Stage.


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