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My Eyesight has improved and so my Communication skills

Zahrat Almadaen Basic School
Jericho Directorate of Education
Initiators: The school principal; Waleed Ghrouf, Ma’zouz Dababat- Health coordinator, the school counselor; Sabah Faraj and the health staff at Jericho Directorate: Dr. Tareq Alhawash, The head of Health education division: Rania Abdel-Arahman and the school health nurse: Ayat Barahmeh.

Brief Description
Unlike the school health previous routine and infrequent eye exams, our main goal focused not only on diagnosing and discovering vision problems, but most importantly on following up, treating and improving the visual system. This not only ensured the quality of vision and eye health, but also the quality of student’s social and academic life. Moreover, this inspiring initiative worked on creating self-confidence among students with eyeglasses and on raising awareness among those students and their classmates on the importance on protecting their visions and on respecting children with eyeglasses.  
Outstanding aspects
Our initiative focused on diagnosing a main vision problem “visual impairment” among students and on providing those students with special and free eyeglasses to solve the problem financially and emotionally. As a result, students became comfortable, focused, not shy, high achievers and good participants inside their classes.
The impact of the initiative
As the students’ vision improved, they communicated with their teachers and classmates better and their use of audio and visual aids increased effectively. All this led to better academic achievement.
Success factors
In fact, help and cooperation from the school health team, the school principal, teachers, parents and the doctor of optometry led to the success of our initiative. For example, the school health team and the doctor of optometry did comprehensive eye exams and gave lectures on the importance of protecting our vision for all students at the school. Moreover, the local community donated prescription eyeglasses for students.
Challenges and difficulties
Determining the number of students who had vision problems was difficult at first as the school has 401 students. Besides, we faced difficulties in finding a donator to pay for the costs of the glasses.
Interest and interaction caused by the initiative
Luckily, our educational initiative got a great interest from the school, parents and the local community as it dealt with a health problem that also affected our students socially, psychologically and academically. More than that, treating the problem appropriately affected the students’ lives and the school environment positively.


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