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Educating Students to Raise Awareness towards their Safety, Morality and Social Manners
Bethlehem Secondary Boy’s School
Bethlehem Directorate of Education
Initiators: Mahmoud Yousef Jawabreh, the school principal, and Ayed Hoshieh

Brief Description
Our educational initiative works on creating educated and responsive generations to defend their country and to stand in front of the Israeli occupation. Students could have been exposed to fall under the Israeli “traitor enlistment”. Moreover, our children are digital natives living in the open world of the internet and satellite television. Therefore, we worked together to educate and raise students’ awareness through purposeful discussions, programs, meetings and targeted videos and movies. Our mission was to create good and aware older teenagers to be capable of defending themselves during this stage. In other words, the school was not only a place for teaching, but also a place for raising good generations and creating effective communicators for the purpose of protecting their personal health, their mental health and their safety.
Outstanding aspects
What made our project significant was its focus on supporting good values and morals that in turn led to the safety of the student and his parent. As a result, it became easier for students to search for knowledge, think critically, face the real world and to be able to protect themselves from bad morals they might face in or after graduating from the school. This inspiring initiative was also an outstanding one because of the big welcome it got from students, teachers, the school administration, the Directorate of Education, the local society and its societies. Moreover, the initiators used all of the available resources they were able to make use of such as Ma’an Network, electronic websites, the school face book pages and associations for moral education and security.
The impact of the initiative
There was no doubt that this educational initiative had a great affect on protecting our dearest students’ ethics and patriotism. Counseling and following up also affected students positively and that was obvious in their positive behaviors with their teachers and academic achievement. In addition to that, teachers became experienced in dealing with solving problems related to conflicting and bad unwanted morals. The local community with its foundations had also a great and positive role that led to the success of our project.   
Success factors
In fact, all members played a big role that led to the success of the initiative. For example, the Directorate of Education provided the school with documentary related films and needed materials to be presented to students such as Omar film that talked about a personal experience of a traitor. Moreover, the local community contributed to the success of our plan through providing the school with persons who were experienced in the field such as some released prisoners and security men who in turn gave lectures to students and their parents about the importance of ethics and security. Finally, parents did a great job in encouraging and following up their children to learn about such issues.
Challenges and difficulties
One of the biggest challenges we faced was the school’s fear from talking about such sensitive issues and the fear of the Israeli occupation probable invasion of the school. Moreover, we were worried that we might not find suitable and specialized persons in the field. To overcome these difficulties, we asked for the help and advice of the Directorate of Education which in turn assigned the school’s principal and counselor to start the project.
Interests and interaction caused by the initiative
There was no doubt that our educational initiative created a big interaction inside and outside the school. For example, 500 students interacted and talked about their problems. Moreover, many schools asked us for help to benefit from this experience and to implement it at their schools. We also mentioned above the role of the Directorate of Education, parents and the local community and its institutions in carrying out such inspiring project.    


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