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My School Provides a Summer Camp for Mothers
Marda Secondary Girls’ School
Salfit Directorate of Education
Taghreed Sulaiman, Lubna Al-Hareem, Sukaina Saleh   
Brief Description
Our school became a centre and a friend for the community. By offering a summer camp for mothers inside our school, community engagement led to improved student learning, stronger families and a healthier community. More importantly, it strengthened the relationship between the school and the mothers in helping their children with their homework and in being involved with extra-curricular activities, voluntary works, giving first aid and in using and surfing the internet.  
Outstanding aspects
Establishing a summer camp for mothers instead of students turned the situation right side up. Families became increasingly involved with their children’s education. The project also raised the students’ academic achievement. Communities and schools leveraged their shared physical and human assets to help kids succeed. In fact, some parents’ negative point of view towards the school had totally disappeared.
The impact of the initiative
 There was no doubt that our inspiring initiative had a great positive impact on our students. Children became happier and more comfortable to enter the school with their mothers. Moreover, it increased students’ self-confidence and interaction especially when they gave speeches on the morning school broad cast. As mothers became more concerned about their children, teachers also became more interested in their students. 
Success factors
Planning for the project, cooperation and the support we got from the “Directorate of Education”, especially the mother’s effective participation, were important factors that led to the success of our educational initiative.
Challenges and difficulties
One of the challenges we faced was getting an official endorsement from the directorate of education to use the school facilities during the summer vacation. Another difficulty was the mothers’ fear from participation at the beginning. However, after introducing the idea and its advantages, we got a great acceptance and welcome from both sides.
Interest and interaction caused by the initiative
As we mentioned above, our proposal was a strange and uncomfortable one from the points of view of the mothers at the beginning. They thought they might neglect their houses. Therefore, we arranged several meetings and raised the mothers’ awareness to the importance of the summer camp. As a result, the number of mothers increased greatly and the mothers became more committed, cooperative and productive. For example, they helped the school in preparing for the school aids and activities and in giving some power point presentations about healthy balanced diets and the importance of eating breakfast.
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