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Gifts and Toys from Wastes
Teachers: Zeinab Al Izza, Sahar Yehya, Linah Ghazawneh, Eman Tantawi, Halimah Shaher
Banat Al Ram Basic School
Directorate of Education – Jerusalem Suburbs 
Brief description
The “Gifts and Toys from Wastes” educational initiative was proposed by the school’s scientific committee. Our main goal was to make toys and gifts out of the environmental wastes. For example, we made hair bows, headbands, bracelets, wall hangings, frame walls, cards, boxes, puppets, pet toys, sports equipment and others. More importantly, we worked hard focusing on human rights, specifically the child’s right to play so that our children can do and behave better, conserve and reduce wastes to protect the environment. It also emphasized on supporting students morally and financially, exploring their gifts and talents, encouraging beneficial competition among students in addition to saving money.
Outstanding aspects
As mentioned above, our innovative inspiring initiative creates great things out of nothing. For example, it explores talents, increases competition, reduces expenses, reduces the environmental pollution and saves money. All this can be achieved through a successful cooperation between teachers, administrators, the scientific committee and the art teacher at the school.
 The impact of the initiative
There was no doubt that this initiative created creativity among students, teachers and parents. The art of education classes and the free time were activated effectively. Moreover, parents, teachers, the local community, the students at our school and other schools exchanged their experiences and competed positively in producing the best toys and gifts. This work strengthened the relationship between the students and their parents especially in this practicum part.
Success factors
One of the most success factors was the great cooperation between the school community and the local community especially the “Sunflower Association for Human and Environment Protection”. Another success factor was the availability of the materials that cost nothing.
Challenges and difficulties
In fact, we came up with this initiative as it was so difficult to afford toys and gifts for students from the school low budget as they cost a lot. Moreover, there were no given allowances to buy such stuff. We also had difficulties in dealing with time and age levels. However, our determination and willingness to works together were a main factor of success.  
Interests and interaction caused by the initiative
There was no doubt that this inspiring initiative got support and appreciation from parents, clubs, local council, other schools and institutions. As an example, students and teachers made use of the free and the art of education classes for making toys and gifts. Most importantly, all products got support from everywhere such as the directorate of education and the “Sunflower Association” which had a great role in training, hosting and affording what needed for the project.
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