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Biogas Production


 Teacher: Abd-Alsalam Basheer
Jensafout High School for Males
Directorate of Education – Qalqilya 

 Brief description
Alternative energy is considered one of the priorities that people seek to improve and develop- not only to dispense non-renewable or polluted energy, but also to respond to a variable world in the environmental side- by taking advantage of the waste and giving special importance to the global warming phenomenon. Since the society suffers from financial needs, lack of income, rising of the fuel prices, the occupation control over energy sources, pollution, and the trend towards environmentally friendly project, it was necessary to have such an initiative to address all of these problems. This initiative focuses on the Biogas production, environment purification, and the production of organic fertilizers free of any microbes or unwanted grass seeds that can be used in the school’s garden. So, this initiative also focuses on the recovery of the economic situation by creating new job opportunities.
Outstanding aspects
What make this initiative special were the clear participatory approach and the way it enhanced the creative dimension of the students and teachers. It contributed to the provision of educational and stimulating environment for students and local community as well. It also worked to strengthen students’ self-confidence through active participation in school life. Moreover, it focused on maintaining a clean environment by collecting animal wastes and generating energy out of it in order to provide alternative energy and cheap non- polluting natural fertilizers.
The impact of the initiative
The impact of the initiative focused on students in order to raise awareness of clean environment by linking the project with subjects such as science, environment, health, technical and reality. It expanded the perceptions of students to take advantage of the raw materials in the local environment as of its benefit on the local community. This initiative has painted the idea of creativity in the minds of student sand showed the importance of student participation in the promotion of positive attitudes towards learning science. Also, it gave them a chance to express their abilities especially in the inventory process of livestock in the village of Jinsafout, in agriculture of some plants which used the same fertilizer, and in the census process of livestock. Besides, it has formed an incentive for teachers and neighboring schools to learn about this initiative through some visits. For parents, they liked and encouraged the idea, and they found it as a way to get rid of the huge amounts of money they pay to get energy (electricity, cooking gas).
Success Factors
One of the success factors was the cooperative group work between students, teachers, and the school administration to achieve sustainable development as one of the foundations of national and global strategy for the advancement of society. Another factor was the effective participation of students who found the initiative as an outlet to express their ideas and abilities. In addition to that we had the community support through their visits and encouragement which also contributed to the success of the initiative.
Difficulties and challenges
At first, there was difficulty in dealing with the combustion gas. It was overcome by going back to the references and including the importance of controlling the amount of oxygen through the use of Bunsen burner. Also, there was refuse to accept the idea of dealing with the waste but it was overcome by having the results on earth leading to find acceptance in school and local community. Then, paying attention to household waste and dung through awareness of the importance and impact of the accumulation of waste on the environment and finding a new concept which is waste valuation.
The interaction caused by the initiative
The initiative led to the creation of an interaction in various categories starting from students and teachers through the local community and its different institutions. The initiative had desirability of the field control team, the ministry, the energy center, the director of education, the secretary of the teachers unions in Qalqilya and the quality of environment. The cooperation was between the school and the wildlife society and there were many visits to the school by the national security. Besides, everyone expressed their admiration and willingness to contribute to the initiative.         


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