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Determined to Learn Despite Israeli Violations
School principal: Adnan Ahmed Hussein Ahmed 
Al-Sawiya Secondary Mixed School
Directorate of Education: South of Nablus
Brief description
Schoolchildren and teachers suffered from the Israeli violations against the educational process at our school. Students were exposed to verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis. The Israeli repeated aggressions have caused a negative impact and stress on students and so on the educational process and the right of children to access education safely. This inspiring initiative came as a result of the Israeli assaults and destruction of properties. We organized several activities to create a safe and stimulating environment inside the school. In other words, we worked together to achieve effective learning and to increase the students’ academic achievement despite the Israeli deliberate attacks.
Outstanding aspects
Our innovative initiative was significantly an outstanding mission that kept insisting on overcoming the Israeli attacks even under the worst circumstances and the least possibilities.
The impact of the initiative
Creating a safe environment inside the school had a great positive effect on students, teachers, parents and everyone at the school compared to the last ten years. Teachers improved new strategies that focused on raising awareness among students to realize the importance of achieving effective learning under unnatural circumstances. As a result, parents and the local community were satisfied
with the activities carried out by the school in order to achieve a safe and supportive learning environment. 
Success factors
There was a clear cooperation between the school administration, the teachers, the local councils and the stakeholders in planning and implementing a variety of extracurricular activities. Working together was a successful step as students had some change and got rid of stress caused by the Israeli physical assaults, verbal insults and humiliation. Moreover, this collaboration improved the school infrastructure and enhanced students’ steadfastness and provided safety, support and advocacy where possible. 
Challenges and difficulties
The Israeli regular attacks were a big challenge. However, our determination and the cooperation between the Ministry of Education, some worldwide public and private organizations and stakeholders lead to create safety for students and teachers.
Social mobility caused by the initiative
There was no doubt that the provided psychological support needed for students got a great acceptance and satisfaction from parents, the local society and other institutions. 
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