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The Steering Committee Prepares for the Launch of Elham’s Sixth Cycle
The Steering Committee had their first preparatory meeting for the Sixth Cycle on 19th May. Dr. Basri Saleh, the Chairman of the Steering Committee and Deputy Minister for Planning and Development at the Ministry of education and Higher Education, welcomed the committee and expressed his gratitude to all who made the Fifth Cycle possible and successful. Dr. Saleh announced that the next Cycle will be at the beginning of the next Academic School year 2015-2016 in order to give the opportunity for the educational community to implement outstanding initiatives with deep impacts.
Then Mr. Hazem Abu Jazar, the Coordinator of the Commission for Developing the Teaching Profession (CDTP), which holds the executive management of Elham in MOE in partnership with Universal Education Foundation, gave a presentation on the recommendations and developments for the Sixth Cycle. This includes the addition of new categories in the nomination phase, focusing in Elham themes on Learning for Well-Being, and the importance of finding supporters. He also highlighted the new developments in the evaluation phases.
Mr. Wahid Jubran, a member of the Steering Committee, emphasized the importance of having a different cycle this year than previous ones. Elham should disregard the importance of focusing on having a large number of applications. The focus must be only on the quality of the initiatives that deserve praise and honor.

Said Ahmad Amar, the Consultant of UEF, that any new developments that will take place in the Sixth Cycle either in Elham’s themes, categories and evaluation mechanisms came upon feedback. Notes and feedback were drawn from Elham’s community (coordinators, evaluators, educators as well as teachers and principals). Therefore, it is necessary to take this feedback into account.

Then a discussion took place about the details and conditions of the new cycle launch. It was decided to conduct a second meeting for the Steering Committee within two weeks to decide on the suggestions about categories and themes that was highlighted by Elham’s joint office. 
In the second meeting, the steering committee took another orientation by deciding to make a limited Terms of Reference (ToR) for the five cycles of Elham Palestine program to figure out how much is Elham connected to the L4WB principles. It’s worth mentioning that this (ToR) is very close to the final amendments which have been proposed by the executive joint team during the last three months.
The representatives of Elham’s Partners Council have all participated in the 2nd meeting. Dr. Marwan Awartani (UEF), Dr. Basri Saleh (MOEHE), Dr. Asad Ramlawi (MOH), Mr. Wahid Jubran (UNRWA), and others stressed on making systemic changes in the program. The first one is to have more effective engagement of Elham’s outcomes (Inspiring Initiatives after the financial awards). The second one is to review the real localization of UEF’s vision in Learning for well-being (L4WB) and its effects on the initiators and the educational system.
The mentioned steam will be fundamental besides the steering committee's approval on the 6th cycle plan, Nomination Kit and evaluation framework. Furthermore, the steering committee decided to go deeper which means focusing on quality rather than quantity even if that leads to decreasing the number of inspiring initiatives which are appreciated on the national level.


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