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The Role of Local Broadcasters in Disseminating Inspiring Initiatives
Local radio stations are involved in the dissemination and honoring the inspiring and qualifying educational initiatives at the national level. This is done through fixed radio broadcasts in which the initiators are interviewed about their initiatives. These broadcasts highlight the aspects of excellence in the initiative, mechanisms of dissemination and how the initiators overcome the difficulties and challenges that faced them in their journey to improve school environments. This is besides other educational practices that seek to achieve a happy and a well-being life for our children not only in schools but also in their families and community.
Elham’s Joint office is involved in the coordination and documentation of interviews with radio stations. The team has also allocated a special corner on Elham.ps entitled “Initiators in Media” to document and publish the interviews. This is in an effort to present the inspiring initiatives and honor the inspiring initiators and their efforts in improving the learning environment for the children of Palestine.
It is worth mentioning that other radio stations, over the life of the extended program since 2008, have participated in the dissemination of the inspiring initiatives.  Special thanks and appreciation to: Raya FM and presenter Najwa Al-Hamdan, Ajyal Radio Network -ARN  and presenter Maysoun Manasra, Al Huriya Radio-Hebron, Bethlehem 2000 Radio, both Fanoos and Mazaj Radios Ramallah, and others.
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