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Ongoing Preparation meetings for the Sixth Cycle of Elham Palestine
The joint Executive Office reviewed the evaluation of the fifth cycle of Elham Palestine and the feedback from coordinators, committees and educational society. This resulted in making changes and amendments to the nomination and evaluation forms of Elham Palestine. With the help of advisors and Educational experts, the Sixth cycle now has one nomination form for all applicants, which has a complete and a more clear image of all the aspects of the initiative.
Moreover, the questions of the application were reviewed. The team added other questions about the idea of the initiative, the motivation in the initiative, and its main activities, as well as, the initiative’s compatibility with the concept of Learning for Well-Being. The initiator explains, in his view, the educational impact of the initiative towards unlocking students’ potentials, and finding a fostering and supportive environment for them to live healthy and happy lives. This means:  continuous learning, learning to understand themselves, and learning to understand others and coexist. Adequate space is also allocated for the initiator to clarify aspects of excellence that makes him eligible to compete in Elham Palestine.
Elham’s joint team suggested expanding the categories to include individuals or groups from the following categories: teachers, school administrators, educational counselors, students, individuals and student bodies and parliaments, parents’ councils, and school teams if different initiators from different categories want to share one initiative. In response to the desire of the supervisors in the directories, the team proposed adding them as a category so that they can apply for their initiatives which must follow Elham’s themes and vision in Learning for Well-Being.
The Joint Executive Team is looking forward to the next Steering Committee meeting in the near future to confirm the amendments and additions to the program before officially announcing it. The Steering Committee will also suggest the starting date of the Sixth Cycle, and open the door for nomination from the educational districts. The next cycle is expected to be on the beginning of the academic school year 2015-2016. The announcement of the Sixth Cycle will be accompanied with the nomination kit which will include a clarification of nomination terms, eligibility, categories, and supporting instructions. The kit will be uploaded later to Elham’s website after approving it. 
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