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Students’ participation in School Management


School principal: Naifeh Khalil Hassan Ta’amerh
Ali’biat Secondary School for Girls 
Bethlehem Directorate of  Education

Brief description

     Before adopting this initiative, I noticed how disrespectful and irresponsible my students were towards the school rules and principles. Moreover, all teachers and workers at the school were also disappointed with students’ bad behaviors and violations of school rules. As a result, I came up with the idea of allowing students to lead and manage the school on Teachers Day. I intentionally chose this day as there were very few celebrations to honor teachers both by the students and by the local community. This initiative aimed to increase the students’ belonging to their school, to appreciate the teaching profession and to become more responsible. To apply this initiative, the school headmistress announced it among the students and their parents. The students who were going to lead the school had to have strong personalities and be suitable for the job. Accordingly, some students volunteered to lead and manage the school on that day after being trained to take over this mission.   

Outstanding aspects
      This innovative initiative was carried out to motivate students’ positive involvement and participation at the school. It also worked on raising awareness, developing a culture of collaboration, taking responsibilities and improving the students’ leadership abilities and positive attitudes towards their education and their school. 
The impact of the initiative
      In fact, the initiative had a great effect on both the students and the staff members at the school. For example, two days after leading the school by the students, they started to act more responsibly. They also became effective participants in school activities. Surprisingly, this initiative revealed strong and creative personalities among students through their cooperation and voluntary work at the school. Besides, teachers and the school principal became proud and confident of their abilities to affect on their students positively. In general, violating the school rules, vandalism and violent behaviors decreased and students became more experienced in using and dealing with the school facilities.
Success factors
     Due to the effective participation between the students and their teachers in addition to replacing the roles, students realized the big responsibility put on their teachers. This step also enhanced the students and teachers’ interaction in the school activities.
 Challenges and difficulties
     There were no difficulties or real challenges. However, the long and over loaded text books prevented us from applying more similar activities or initiatives.
Mobility caused by the initiative
      This initiative got broad acceptance among the students and made them more responsible and conscious. It also got support by the local community and parents through their visits to the school and their encouragement to this initiative. All this enhanced students’ belonging to their school and its status.
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