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Employing Modern Educational Technology to facilitate the integration of people with physical disabilities


Employing Modern Educational Technology to facilitate the integration of people with physical disabilities

Teacher’s Name: Nariman Ibrahim Mohammed Al-hubeibi
School: Deir al-Balah JuniorSchool for Girls "B"
Directorate of Education – Central Gaza Strip- Deir el-Balah Governorate


Brief description
     Integrating children with disabilities and severe special needs in order to start interacting with the world again is a challenge our children face at Palestinian schools. How can we enable students with physical disabilities to communicate and learn the same as other enabled students? How can we help people with disabilities (People with Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, various neurological disorders)  run all types of computer software?

My educational initiative finds its way in offering a great chance for students with disabilities to use and apply educational technology through their learning process. Moreover, this educational initiative plays a great role in achieving a successful integration of students with disabilities with their peers. It also promotes self-confidence, posture, scientific skills and increases the capabilities of our students more effectively.
Outstanding aspects 
     Our educational initiative focuses on training students with disabilities to use educational technology to facilitate their learning and to search for information easily. To do so, we use a program called “Camera Mouse”. “It works as a mouse replacement system for Windows computers so it should work with just about any application program. The main audience for this program is people who do not have reliable control of a hand but who can move their head.”

The impact of the initiative
     This initiative had a great impact on students with disabilities as they had the opportunity to learn and to gain a good quality of education the same as their peers. It also improved and reformed handicapped students’ variable skills. Besides, it puts disabled students in a situation where people can see their abilities rather than their disabilities. Students became more attentive, active and responsive. Using the Camera Mouse has also increased the students’ academic achievement and made it easier for teachers to follow them up.
Success factors
     In fact, the local community and the parents of students with disability had a great role in applying the camera mouse application and in making it successful. For example, they attended all meetings inside and outside the school. Also, students with physical abilities were given the chance to learn like others. It also raised their self-confidence and strengthened their personalities. Moreover, we dealt with some professionals and institutions specialized in the field and they contributed for the progress of the initiative. y. Some of the academic and training institutions in the field of disability provided the school with special seats for students, computers and Camera Mouse software programs.

 Challenges and difficulties 
     Honestly, we faced several obstacles and difficulties while applying our educational initiative. First, arranging meetings with people and institutions in the field was difficult and took time. Second, lack of parents’ awareness to the importance of this initiative made some parents refuse to reveal their child’s disability and so dealing with them was difficult. Third, the financial support was not adequate. Finally, students were busy in preparing and studying for their exams. However, our determination, desire, faith and willingness lead to the success of our initiative.   

     Applying educational technology through the camera mouse program had a great interest and acceptance from the parents, the local community and the whole school. As a result, the school adopted the camera mouse program for all students with physical disabilities in the city and then for the entire Governorate.


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