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Partnerships Framework

Organizational Framework of the Partnerships  

This framework is important to transform the partnership approach into reality and actual practice. The following framework gives partner representatives the opportunity to participate and engage in different committees and Elham bodies. The framework conveys a realistic credible and genuine partnership. 
The following diagram is representation of the different Elham bodies:

Partners Board 

The Partners Board is made up of representatives of partnering institutions who hold executive positions such as general managers, directors, and ministers. There is no election process for positions in Partners’ board the top two positions are set for the highest education official and a representative of Elham Program. The Elham Program in Palestine has appointed the Minister of Education as the Head of the partner’s board and an Elham representative as Secretary. The Elham Partners’ Board meets twice a year at the beginning and at the end of the Elham Program Cycles.

The Partners’ Board is tasked with the following:
·         Leading and directing the Elham Program.
·         Reviewing and approving Elham orientations and operational plans.
·         Reviewing and selecting/approving inspiring initiatives on the national level during each program cycle.
·         Reviewing and approving the selections of initiatives nominated for the Palestine Award for Innovation. . 
Head of the Board Responsibilities:
In the case of the Elham Program in Palestine the Minister of Education is the head of the board. The head of the board is tasked with coordinating board meetings, determining meeting agendas, facilitating and leading meetings, and signing and approving decisions of the board. 
Secretary of the Board Responsibilities:
The Elham Program in Palestine has selected the General Secretary of the Universal Education Foundation as the Secretary of the Partners’ Board. The Secretary’s responsibilities include coordinating communication between the board and the UEF as well as preparing and presenting periodical Elham progress reports. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee like the Partners’ Board is also made up of representatives of partnered institutions.
Partners’ designate executive representatives from their institutions to act as board members of the steering committee.  The head of the steering committee is filled by the Secretary General of the UEF and the secretary of the committee is filled by the Executive Director of the Elham Program. The Elham Executive Director is coordinates the work of the Steering Committee, in cooperation with the head of the steering committee. The Steering committee is scheduled to meet quarterly annually. 
The Steering Committee is tasked with the following:
·         Reviewing and approving the Elham Action Plan. 
·         Directing and facilitating the implementation of the Elham Action Plan.
·         Leading the process of mainstreaming initiatives locally, nationally, and within their organizations. 
·         Setting effective mechanisms for mainstreaming and nominating the inspiring initiatives on the national level to the Partners’ Board.

Executive Joint Team
The Executive Joint Team is also formed by executive level representatives selected by partnering institutionsand local universities. The Elham Executive Director coordinates meetings, agendas, and organizes activities.
The committee is expected tomeet twice a month, unless issues arise for more meetings. The Elham Team is also in constant contact with theSteering Committee sending reports and updates frequently. 
The Executive Joint Team is tasked with the following:
·         Promoting and instilling the Elham program, vision, mission and goals nationally. 
·         Directing and providing support for the implementation of Elham plans.
·         Takes a leading role in the mainstreaming of the Elham program in the health and education systems and their institutions.
·         Participate in the evaluating and nomination of inspiring initiatives during the Elham Cycle.
·         Reviewing recommendations of the evaluation committees and nominate initiatives to be reviewed by the steering committee.
·         Connecting with Elham Coordinators in the different districts in the West Bank and Gaza to meet their needs and reply to their enquiries. 


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