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Beautiful Artifacts Made of Local Available Material
Beautiful Artifacts Made of Local Available Material
Banat Al Rashaydah School
Directorate Of Education – Bethlehem
Mervat Aweida, Mai Ahmad, Amani Ar’ar, Ra’eda Abu Mefreh


Brief description 
Lack of money to buy materials needed for art of education classes was one of the main reasons that made us think of using the local environmental wastes to produce unique and useful artifacts. Another reason behind this initiative was an interest to create positive attitudes towards the environment and to help students care more about their school through carrying out variable activities inside and outside the school. For example, students designed “a read- shaped library” made of cardboard cabinets and shelves to encourage students read more books and stories. Moreover, all classrooms were decorated with beautiful artifacts made from empty bottles, CDs …..etc. In other words, it was a successful project and the handicrafts were used as an enrichment material for art classes. All these productions were made from abundant and inexpensive materials.
Outstanding aspects 
Our innovative initiative played a great role in enhancing students’ positive attitudes towards decorating their school. It also increased students’ interest in looking for the best ways in reusing and recycling wastes.
The impact of the initiative 
Our project was very useful and inspiring for both the art of education teacher and the homeroom teachers at the school. For example, it increased creativity among the art teacher and her students in making remarkable artifacts out of local wastes. Moreover, all homeroom teachers applied the Arabic library project inside their classes as in the “Read- shaped library project”.
Success factors 
In fact, the most success factor was the support we got from the school principal, teachers, administrators, students and their parents. For instance, our headmistress supported the project both socially and financially and so we got rid of wastes safely and economically. One more thing, all visitors and people loved the artifacts. Besides, teachers, students and some parents worked as a good team in collecting the needed local materials. Furthermore, all the school resources were used such as the school walls, empty bottles, garbage……etc.
Challenges and difficulties 
Luckily, we faced very few difficulties and problems that were easily solved. For example, we needed a longer period of time, but we overcame this problem through giving additional classes. We also faced difficulties in cutting damaged CDs that kept breaking down easily and another difficulty in moving big frameworks to the school. However, teamwork, determination and creativity helped us overcome these problems.

Mobility caused by the initiative
There was no doubt that this inspiring initiative got support and appreciation from parents, mothers, local council, other schools and institutions. As an example, Mothers made the similar artifacts for theirhouses. Most importantly, all products were displayed on the school open day exhibition that was visited by different members of the society such as the schools nearby, Palestine Red Crescent Society and some other local institutions.


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