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Inclusive Partnerships


The Universal Education Foundation has adopted as a strategic approach the building of multidisciplinary multi stakeholder partnerships. This stems from its conviction that children learn from diverse learning environments including family. School, media and the internet; hence children's education is a collective social endeavor and hence should be undertaken with greater responsibility and care. read more
In addition, UEF believes that achieving qualitative change in the education system is contingent upon securing a critical mass of partners who are committed to and capable of creating the desired change. We simply can't outsource the education of our children to the official education system, nor can we expect the education system to meet the immense pressure placed on it to provide quality education for all. The following presentation *** provides some indicative statistics.

In the context of its inclusive partnership, the partnership with the education system needs to be accorded special attention. Such a partnership would create an enabling environment and an effective mechanism for engaging the system, mainstreaming UEF's holistic approach and inducing the desired systemic change.

The partnership with the health system is inspired by UEF's driving vision which establishes the interconnectedness and synergy between children's learning and their well being. Read more


The partnership with business derives from the simple fact that business is one of the largest consumers of the outcomes of the education system. Hence, the quality of graduate employed by business: their personal traits, competencies and overall well being all have drastic bearing on the performance and success of businesses in all sectors. It logically follows that business would be quite interested in enhancing the learning environment of young people. In fact, business may be one of the most passionate partners in seeing and making change.

Partnership with civil society (foundations and NGOs) is rooted in two basic assumptions. First, since foundations and NGOs are keen on getting the highest returns on their social investment, one can argue that investing in children's well being and in the well being of their learning environments is one of the most cost effective social investments having far reaching ramifications on all aspects of the life of our communities and the society at large.  Secondly, young people who enjoy healthy bodies, minds, hearts and spirits are more likely to grow as proactive, engaged citizens capable of contributing to the well being of their communities and of living in harmony with others and the society at large. Read more

UEF has embodied its theoretical belief in partnerships by proactively seeking meaningful mutually fulfilling partnerships with a cluster of leading organizations. 

Learning for Well-being Community:



Alliance for Childhood - The Alliance for Childhood European Network Group



EPTO - European Peer Training Organisation



EUCIS-LLL - The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning


 EPA - The European Parents Association







EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators




FCYA - The Family Child Youth Association



ISSA - International Step by Step Association



 IOFC – Initiatives of Change International


 NIVOZ – Netherlands Institute for Educational Matters



IASWECE – International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education




 ECSWE – European Council for Steiner/Waldorf Education


 EIESP – European Institute of Education and Social Policy

Moreover, UEF has stimulated Elham Palestine from its early beginnings to work diligently towards the creation of an inclusive national partnership which has been one of the key success factors of Elham Palestine as well as one of most inspiring outcomes. In fact, Elham Palestine was awarded the Global Best Award for an Innovative Partnership in Learning and Well being. Read more on Elham Palestine's inclusive partnership.


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