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Systemic Change
Elham is a lot more than a recognition scheme. Leveraging the inspiring models identified through the Elham process as change agents and as a source of inspiring is at the heart of Elham's ethos.

As noted in Elham's partnership approach, the country level localization of Elham will typically involve the establishment of partnerships with the education and health systems.
Leveraging these systemic partnerships, Elham can achieve multiple levels of mainstreaming:
  • Elham secures the system's buy in Elham's holistic approach to learning for well being.
  • The call for nomination spells explicitly priority areas of desired change. Having the system's explicit endorsement that such change is needed and desirable is in itself an incentive for the educational community to undertake initiatives in the declared areas of focus. In other words, the system will be offering the power of legitimacy to the call for nominations.
  • Engaging the system cadre in the development of the criteria and indicators as well as engaging them fully in the screening and evaluation process is an expression of their commitment to the outcome of the process. Hence, selected inspiring initiatives would constitute a valuable resource for systemic learning.
  • The system will assess the feasibility of taking inspiring initiatives to scale and will leverage system resources in actually doing so. Thus Elham enjoys a built in multiplier effect that would magnify the impact of the inspiring initiatives through scaling and replication.

Through the localization process of Elham Palestine, The Universal Education was able to provide an inspiring "proof of concept". Elham Palestine did manage to build an inclusive national partnership especially with the system and is currently leveraging this partnership in achieving significant mainstreaming of its holistic approach and its inspiring initiatives.

Read about Elham's Palestinian localization and partnership.
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