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Localization Process
As noted in the section on the genesis of Elham, an extensive process of consultation and co-creation was undertaken by UEF and its global partners in the development of Elham's generic design.

An essential aspect of this design is the development of a franchise model for "National Country Level Elhof Elham Ams". This approach entails the identification in a target country, of a leading entrepreneur organization that would spearhead efforts to establish the country Elham. The Universal Education Foundation will offer this leading partner the "full operational manual" of Elham. A key step in the process of creating the country level Elham is the customization and localization process.

This process entails the adaptation of Elham to the particular specificities and developmental, educational, cultural, and social considerations and parameters of the target country. The rationale behind this is to have Elham authentically reflect the particular needs, aspirations and concerns of the target country. This is an essential success factor for rooting Elham in that country as an endogenous national endeavor worthy of sustained local buy in and commitment. It will also enable Elham to become a driver for change.
The universal Education Foundation has cultivated an inspiring localization process which created the opportunity to leverage vital national support to Elham Palestine including policy level, financial, in kind, management and administrative and media support by the various national partners.

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